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Not only are we a tobacco superstore, but we also carry an extensive collection of electronic cigarettes in a variety of shapes and sizes. With a full-range of ejuice flavors and accessories, Smokers Choice is dedicated to helping smokers of all kinds. As a company that embraces choice, we support your choice to make the switch!

Why Choice?

America’s one-stop shop for a high-quality product selection and customer driven support. We are happy to help you browse through our variety of diverse, tobacco-based products and accessories—all curated by our professionals and offered wholesale for the convenience of helping you to grow your business. As professionals, we intend to uphold our reputation for the best service and largest wholesale catalog, specializing in water pipes, glass, and tobacco-based products. We seek to make shopping both fun and convenient for our customers. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get exclusive updates on deals and current trends happening in the glassware market. Happy shopping!

Hand Pipes

Finding the right hand pipe is often a matter of considering the material, size, style, and overall aesthetics of a particular piece: with style being the most important factor for practical reasons. The style of a hand pipe can be thought of as the category or “family” that a piece belongs to. Together there are five classifications in the hand pipe family: spoon pipes, novelty pipes, steamrollers, bubblers, and chillums. Choice allows you to explore the benefits and differences between these five items to better suit your needs.

Water Pipes

Water pipes are popular items preferred mainly by intermediate-level smokers. They are known for reducing heat, maintaining flavor, and producing cleaner and smoother hits than hand pipes. Water pipes can also be made from a variety of materials, including metal, glass, silicone, and acrylic.

People from all different levels of smoking experience enjoy marveling at the designs of these items. Having a wide selection of intricate, brand name water pipes is likely to create high customer engagement and draw attention to certain areas of your store.

Rolling Machines

Rolling machines are useful devices that can help roll personal tobacco into cigarettes. These items can be either manual or automatic and can vary both in price and size. Manual rolling machines are typically known for being more portable than automatic rollers, which use electricity and can be difficult to transport.

Many people prefer using these machines to hand roll primarily because they can be cost-effective in the long term. Some automatic rolling machines can also make up to 20 custom-rolled cigarettes in under two minutes.

Grinders & Scales

Grinders are useful tools for frequent smokers. Their main purpose is to grind dry herbs and tobacco into smaller pieces that can be rolled or packed more easily into pipes; occasionally, they can also be used for storage.

Grinders are standard items in smoke shops that customers will be expecting retailers to carry. Their sizes range from mini to large and can vary in the number of compartments used to separate their ingredients. Prices on these items may vary depending on brand name and material, but demand for them can reliably be expected to be constant.

Weight scales are another essential item found in a smoker’s toolkit. Weight scales are useful because they can help their owners to keep track of how much tobacco they use before and after smoking. In general, the more accurate a scale is at measuring, the better.

Scales can come in several different varieties, including digital scales, bowl scales, pocket scales, food scales, and mini digital scales. Prices can also vary depending on the material, make, model type, and brand name. Higher quality scales can usually be expected to be on the more expensive side, but customers who care about precision typically won’t mind spending an extra dollar.

Quit Smoking

Interested in making the switch? We can help with that! View our Quitting page and learn how vaping can benefit you, and your wallet.

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