WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Smokers Choice carries a wide range of tobacco products and tobacco accessories. We strive to have the best selection around and with over 60 cigarette stores across New York and Pennsylvania, we have the ability to get our products at the lowest prices. That means we can pass the savings on to you. Whether you are looking to buy cigarettes, pipe tobacco, rolling supplies or other smoking accessories, we have you covered with the best prices and best selection in town.

Cigarette Selection

Smokers Choice carries all major brands from Marlboro and Newport to Sonoma and Pyramid cigarettes. Whether you want the best taste or the best value, we have what you need. Don’t see your favorite brand? Ask our sales representative to order it for you.

Vape Selection

At Smokers Choice, we’ve been selling vape products since the beginning. Our Vapers Choice sections have a huge selection of vape devices, mods, kits, pod systems, and premium e-liquids. With the best selection, at the best prices, make the switch today at Smokers Choice.

Roll Your Own / Make Your Own Cigarette Center

Smokers Choice is proud to be the one stop shop for all Make Your Own / Roll Your Own cigarette needs. With the largest selection of Cigarette tobacco - including American Spirit, Top and Bugler – and Pipe Tobacco – such as Direct Buy, Gambler and Southern Steel – we are guaranteed to have the tobacco flavor you want for your cigarettes.

But the rolling doesn’t stop there. We also carry the biggest selection of tubes, papers and the automatic or handheld rolling machines you need to fill them. No matter what your skill is with cigarette rolling, we have you covered. New to rolling your own cigarettes? Ask one of our helpful associates for a demo to get started.

Cigars and Wraps

Across our stores, we carry a wide selection of premium cigars, wraps and accessories. Whether you want a touch of class while sipping scotch at the poker table, a stogie for after dinner, or a wrap to make your own cigar, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Need a humidor in which keep your private stock fresh? Our top of the line selection will be sure to take care of you.


Smokers Choice is well known for carrying top of the line hookahs, hookahs and more hookahs. With all sorts of designs and styles, we will be sure to have what you want. Need Coals? We have coals. Need tongs? We have those too. Not sure what flavor of shisha to try? Our knowlegeable staff will help find the right one for you.

Smoking accessories

Every Smokers Choice has a selection of smoking accessories ranging from cigarette cases to cigar cutters in a wide variety of stylish and practical designs. We also have a selection of tobacco grinders, lighters, ashtrays, pipes, stash containers and more.

Glass Selection

We carry the largest selection of glass, ranging from water pipes, steamrollers, sherlocks, and glass spoon pipes. Smokers Choice is also a licensed ROOR glass supplier, with styles and designs you’d be sure to love. However you like to smoke, we got what you need in-store.
*All product we sell are intended for tobacco use only

However you smoke and whatever your preferences are, Smokers Choice Tobacco Outlets will have what you need. Use our Store Locator to find one nearest you!

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